Agenda item


To seek approval from the Council to submit the Broxtowe Part 2 Local Plan Publication version (September 2017) together with the Schedule of Changes (dated for submission July 2018), the Broxtowe Part 2 Local Plan Policies Map (September 2017) and supporting documents.



The Jobs and Economy Committee had considered a number of reports in relation to the Part 2 Local Plan, and in December 2017 a summary of comments received was reported to the Jobs and Economy Committee. Members considered the report and the following comments were amongst those made:


  • The danger of not having a plan would lead to unfettered developments in the most profitable parts of the Borough. The young and elderly have the right to a good home, in addition to anybody else who needs one.
  • It was the duty of the Council to formulate a Local Plan. The school site in Bramcote was not a new school, but just a rebuild and land in the Borough had been sacrificed to protect Nuthall.
  • There were positive outcomes for Broxtowe, these included the rebuilding of the school, a five-year land supply and protection for Green Belt sites. The risk of rejection was too great as it would involve risking sites in the Borough.
  • There was great concern for the residents of Awsworth. Walking and cycle routes would remain unused and further work should be undertaken around traffic and road conditions.
  • There was a need for houses but there was concern over transport facilities.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan in Stapleford had been ignored.
  • The Council had done well not to follow the approach taken by Rushcliffe Borough Council.
  • The leading group had always accepted the need for a five-year plan but throughout the eight-year process amendments have been made. The Council could not accept a situation in which it lost control of the planning process. Support for the Plan would protect Green Belt land.
  • There was no need for as many as 6,150 properties.


Councillor R I Jackson proposed that the vote be put. This was seconded by Councillor A Harper.








A recorded vote was called for. The voting was a follows:





E H Atherton

B C Carr

L A Lally

D Bagshaw

S J Carr

P Lally

L A Ball BEM

R D MacRae

J W McGrath

J S Briggs

J K Marsters

C H Rice

M Brown

K E Rigby

D A Burnett


M J Crow


E Cubley


T A Cullen


R H Darby


J A Doddy


S Easom



D A Elliott



L Fletcher



J C Goold



A Harper



G Harvey



R I Jackson



E Kerry



S Kerry



H G Khaled MBE



J M Owen



P J Owen



J C Patrick



M E Plackett



M Radulovic MBE



R S Robinson



P D Simpson



A W G A Stockwell




The motion, on being put to the meeting, was carried.


(Councillors W J Longdon and G Marshall left the meeting before voting thereon.)




1.             The Submission Part 2 Local Plan Development Plan Document be approved and its accompanying information and duly made representations as listed in Appendix 2 to this report be submitted to the Secretary of State for Examination in Public.

2.             The Head of Neighbourhoods and Prosperity in consultation with the Chair of the Jobs and Economy Committee be authorised to submit all necessary supporting evidence and approve any further changes to the Part 2 Local Plan including drafting or other minor editing changes which do not materially affect the approved policies.

3.             The Head of Neighbourhoods and Prosperity in consultation with the Chair of the Jobs and Economy Committee be authorised to consider and approve consultation on any changes required to the Part 2 Local Plan to make it sound as a result of the Examination in Public.

4.             The Inspector be requested to recommend any modifications which are necessary to make the Part 2 Local Plan sound, under section 20 (7C) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended).


Supporting documents: