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Application Number 20/00674/FUL

Decision Maker: Planning Committee

Decision status: Recommendations Approved


Construct 3 storey building to contain 6 houses of multiple occupancy (Class C4) and construct cycle store and bin store

Land to the rear of Methodist Church, Wollaton Road, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, NG9 2NG


The application was brought before Committee at the request of Councillor G Marshall.


There were two late items for the consideration of the Committee, one was an objection from a member of the public, the other was a plan that included amendments made following advice from the Highway Authority.


Mr Richard Hutchinson, applicant, addressed the Committee prior to the general debate.


The debate focused on the design of the proposal, the impact on neighbour amenity and the lack of car parking provision. It was noted that surrounding streets had resident’s parking schemes, but that residents of the proposed development might simply park a number of streets away.


Consideration was given to neighbour amenity, specifically that of the properties on Wilkinson Street, where the proposed development was 90 centimetres from the boundary.  There was concern that this would have a negative impact on the light and amenity of these neighbours. 


RESOLVED that planning permission be refused for the following reasons:


1.  The development, by virtue of its scale, massing and proximity to neighbouring boundaries fails to provide a suitable outlook for future occupants on the ground floor and therefore does not provide satisfactory living conditions or provide a satisfactory level of amenity.


2.  The development, by virtue of its scale, massing, height and proximity to the south east boundary would create a dominant and oppressive relationship with occupants on Wilkinson Avenue therefore resulting in a detrimental impact on their amenity and living conditions.


3.  The development, by virtue of its scale and massing, would create a building that dominates the Methodist Church to the detriment of its character. Furthermore, the contrasting traditional and contemporary design creates a scheme that has a juxtaposition of styles competing with one another to its detriment. Therefore, the scheme appears out of keeping with the Methodist Church and consequently would appear out of keeping within the street scene.


Accordingly, the proposal is contrary to Policy 17 of the Part 2 Local Plan (2019), Policy 10 of the Broxtowe Aligned Core Strategy (2014) and the National Planning Policy Framework (2021).




1.  The Council has acted positively and proactively in the determination of this application by working to determine it within the agreed determination timescale.

Publication date: 06/10/2021

Date of decision: 01/09/2021

Decided at meeting: 01/09/2021 - Planning Committee

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